Mount Arunachala

by silrakk

I’ve finally figured out what I’m up to with this writing. I’m exploring and opening my and the schools shadow content.

Mount Arunachala,

There are many people who revere and worship Mt Arunachala. I’ve considered them animists, adherents of the doctrine that all natural objects and the universe itself, have souls, Over the years I have heard many remarkable stories of experiences people had which were connected to the mountain. And I just ignored Ramana Maharshi and Yogi Ramsuratkumar’s worship of Arunachala. My use of the mountain has been, speed walking, to the rock overlook to Arunachula temple and a bit further to the Skanda ashram cave.

Eventually in a moment of desperation I let up on my animism story and did one of my 20 minute walks with some vulnerability instead of usual block-headedness. Lo and behold I received help in a clear undeniable way. I did this a second time a week later, same thing. Now I’ve become an Arunachala devotee singing its praises as much as the rest of the “superstitious”.

Sometime after this little revelation I was going up the outside stairs to my roof. As I was going up the stairs which has a good view of  Arunachala, I heard a voice in my head that said “You are Arunachala.” I hear voices in my head all the time, I know them as my thinking, but this one was different. What! What’s this about? I’m not Arunachala. That’s impossible, I don’t want to be Arunachala, I’m happy being this lowly appreciator/worshiper of Arunachala.

So I sat with this little mystery for some time. My best guess was finally and still is, that this was a sign, some words of advice,  not to make Arunachala an object of worship.

That’s a profound idea. Neither I, and If I may be so presumptuous, nor the world needs another object of worship, there are already plenty of those around.

Arunachala addendum.

I told this story to a close friend who commented that in Vajrayana practice you have to become the object of worship and maybe that’s what is happening? Something like Mt Arunachala is assuming me or I need to assume it? That’s a lot of assuming here.

I don’t know. this is not a Vajrayana school, but hey, maybe I missed a recent after-dinner talk where we also became a Vajrayana school. But anyway I’m not working with a Vajrayana teacher  or doing Vajrayana practices so I’ll stick with my first interpretation of not adding to my objects of worship.

But really what do i know. Life’s a mystery, and so such things, as this voice, are unknowable.  ‘Mind’ is a meaning making machine as some of us have heard in The Forum. I project all sorts of meanings onto all sorts of things. That’s what I do; in order to make some sort of sense of life. And it’s purely subjective.

As far as I can see all my meanings are provisional best guesses. That helps me to keep it light. (Life-lite-light – a new pop teaching.) I am giving it my best shot, and I do believe in whatever I’m writing, or saying, yet I assume that I don’t really know, can’t ever know with total certainty that I am objective or right about most anything especially philosophical issues. I will state my opinions with confidence but I won’t argue as to who is right or whats true. It’s all interpretations. (So I just walk off smugly believing that I’m right.) Confusing? forget the last paragraph. Image