Unposted Comments

by silrakk

Below are 2 comments i received that i haven’t been able to get to show up in the postings. KK

SDE- I found this blog about shadow hugging and projection/obsession to be synchronistically helpful. Projection tends, don’t you think to obscure much chance, whether with a teacher, lover, or just reality, of real relationship. Just as i read your blog I was watching a DVD about Carl Jung. Two things really struck me. Firstly, the example of transference of a patient who insisted she marry Carl Jung. He explained to her that he was already married but she insisted. So he accepted. She planned the whole wedding, printed announcements, and on the eve of their “wedding”, she had a dream, wherein God told her she could not marry him. I was deeply moved by Carl Jung’s trust in this woman’s process. Apparently she was fully recovered to sanity. I wonder at the kind of compassion and skill it takes to remain open to one who is projecting on oneself. The excerpted comments in your blog about how we obsess on the teacher or another because of positive traits we refuse to take responsibility for in ourselves compliment Jung’s story.

The other thing about the DVD that got me was the idea, in my words, that one must be with lonliness in order for the unconscious/shadow to breathe. It describes that the only thing you can do is confront yourself where you are. Most of us go through life and our unconscious is not part of our “reality”. So, in any way we can we must actively turn towards our shadow side, support it, and then it can help us. That is the value of lonliness. We are conditioned to run away from what we fear in ourselves. This seems, to me, to be the driving motivation powering all human addiction. this need to get away from ourself, to distract ourself form what we are afraid we will see, positive or negative.

There is so much to this, but as a beginning i am very enlivened at the prospect of being with myself so that i might be with others. running toward that which i am used to running from.   -Sin Doll Ella

SB, hi, the shadow thing i find a bit bringing again a new therm in the already over filled with “special” words teaching language we have, and often it felt to me that we are proud to be much special to other there are not in the club, but of course we think we don´t have one, a club, but maybe just a sub club…all this new therms we come up with let us feel special, it has not to do like this , but the danger is there, and to be proud of something or at OUR creation is very common in a world that is all about new “things” and new “thinking”, maybe it should like this, what els we would have to do instate ? so we need to bring our focus on “some” “thing”, other wise we get crazy, (what we should, sooner or later, thats our club : ) even we are in a spiritual school, we need to do something…as stupid it sometime looks, thats the reason also for but why i m give my stupid answer to this block is more about the last command; it should be like: “…sooner or later we will all shine brightly, also the so called blockheads will learn…”because, they can´t put for ever there head in the sand, and also who knows, and will tell us really,, who is the Block-Head and who is the Bright-Head? Anyway, sit straight and you will find your own Blocks in your own Head!